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Blue Titan Investment Group (BTIG) prides itself to provide the highest standard of quality and integrity in residential property. Our reputation for un-compromising professionalism and quality in everything we do is earned by serving our clients and earning their trust. As developers of residential properties, we have over 15 years of experience. Due to the demand of our loyal clients, BTIG has since expanded into exclusive residential estates. Our approach of non-compromise drive to professionalism and quality with an internal drive to promote progressive growth through a strong corporate culture has helped us to recruit and retain the most dedicated and qualified staff.

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BTIG provides the highest standards of quality and integrity.

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Not being "wet" behind the ears when it comes to property, but tired of the same usual "sales talk" one experiences when purchasing a new home, I can comfortably state that I have received the most fantastic, professional and sound service from the Blue Titan Group team in my quest to purchase my new, soon-to-be-built home at The Paramount. From superior customer service to an amazing willingness to go the extra mile and smile, Faith, Marco and the Team were amenable to all requests and requirements. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them. Spending ones hard-earned money, as far as I am concerned, is something which requires me to be treated like gold, whether I am spending R1 or R10m. It would seem that the team at Blue Titan Group do not distinguish between the size of the apartment or the optional extras being purchased. Instead, they focus on their customer - in this case: Me - 100%. I am completely delighted by my experience and would invite other potential owners/investors to consider this property group due to their on-point pricing; exceptional customer service delivery; and ability to communicate professionally, consistently and confidently. I look forward to taking occupation in December, knowing that BTIG not only build solid homes, but solid relationships one can hopefully grow to trust for years to come.
Darren Horowitz
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